why Big Bang Edge Test is a must for every Student ?

  • Only FIITJEE has the expertise to find the potential of a Student for various Competitive Exams & give guidance to maximise the potential. Infact, we created the first IQ Test way back in 1996, which no coaching institute could even think of. We, now have the competency and systematic technical know - how to assess a Student’s Success Potential for Competitive & Scholastic Exams.
    FIITJEE is the only institute in India that has the capability to predict the most accurate Rank Potential Index (RPI) / Success Potential Index (SPI) of a Student & constantly encourage its Students to emulate them.
    Besides your raw potential assessment, you will also get detailed Relative Performance Analysis across Subjects, Chapters & Concepts.
    Based on your performance in the Test & skill findings, you will be entitled for an exclusive session on Goal Setting by FIITJEE Experts to prepare a roadmap for your Optimum Success and identify Alternate Goals, in case you conclude that you are unlikely to succeed in the quest for your current Goal(s).
    Since opportunities in India are limited, many deserving Students do not get admission into an Institute of their choice, and we have been guiding hundreds of our Students to secure admission in the World’s Best Universities like MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge etc. We believe in Total Success. In case, you face a situation where opportunities in India seem beyond your reach (based on guided structured assessment by us), our sister institution USA UnivQuest will open up opportunities outside India for you. In fact, we believe in propagating that with a catch phrase - If you can’t go to an IIT, then you go to MIT !
    Interaction with the FIITJEE Experts will make you experience the Big Bang Edge leading to an intent for Excellence in whatever you do.
    When you join a FIITJEE Classroom Program through Big Bang Edge Test, you will
    • be paying Lowest Program Fee through Big Bang Edge Test for session starting April, 2018 for Classroom / Integrated School Program.
    • make best use of your time. Immediately on joining a FIITJEE Program, you will start getting inputs for your Goals : For Students of Class V, VI & VII – IQ cultivation classes, NTSE Mock Tests & Access to various assessment Tests @ www.mypat.in ; For Students of Class VIII, IX, X & XI – Academic Support for relevant Scholastic Exams, Early classes for relevant Target Exams & Access to relevant Online Tests @ www.mypat.in (To read about early joining benefits turn to page no. 12-14)
    • get peace of mind & undivided focus : Having joined a FIITJEE Program, you & your parents will have peace of mind with a realisation of being with the Best Academic Team in the World.