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Sunday, 20th October 2019


will set you on course for extraordinary growth in terms of your ability to evaluate your potential, present capability, real inclinations & open up world class opportunities for Graduate Studies in a stream of your choice.

in India

In case you are aspiring for IIT, IISc, NIT, Top Engineering College in India or aiming for success in NTSE, X / XII Boards, KVPY, Sr. Olympiads & Jr. Science Olympiad, Big Bang Edge Test can put you on path to achieving what you set out to achieve through FIITJEE’s Iconic Coaching Programs that prepare you for all Scholastic & Competitive exams relevant to your Class based on your potential, present capabilities, motivation & commitment to work hard.

beyond India

In a globalized world, if you wish to explore college options abroad that are better than the best available option for you in India, meet our Career Mentors at USA UnivQuest. USA UnivQuest Career Mentors would provide you with detailed guidance on gaining admission and scholarships at the World's Best Universities that are at par, if not better than the IITs.

We believe: If not IIT, then aspire for admission in MIT !

Whenever faced with obstacles in life,
it is important to analyse & evolve an alternate strategy
to beat the competition (including your peer group).

As you are aware, every FIITJEE Test is also a Scholarship Test. Therefore, based on your potential & present capabilities as demonstrated in our Test, we will give you Fee Waivers as a support to recognize the genius in you.

FIITJEE’s recognition of the genius, the commitment, and motivation in you goes much beyond giving you Fee Waivers for a course at FIITJEE. FIITJEE gives astronomical sums as Cash Rewards to its Students for registering notable success in JEE Advanced, JEE Main, Olympiads, KVPY, XII Board, NTSE & Jr. Olympiads. For details, visit the nearest FIITJEE Centre & ask for the Reward Brochure.

These Rewards enable Students to support their Parents financially even when they are studying in IITs. What’s more, FIITJEE also provides enough seed capital for startup ventures of these Students.