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Sunday, 10th November 2019

Terms & Conditions

Note - 1 : Students will get selected through this Test, subject to; scoring above a minimum cut-off marks in each subject. Based on the total marks scored in the test, a common merit list will be prepared. The Students who do not clear the total cut-off marks and individual subject cut-off marks in the Test, will not qualify for the final merit list. In case of Class VIII, IX, X & XI; Scholarships (fee waivers) shall be given on the basis of the Total Score of Paper 1 & Paper 2. To avail the scholarship (fee waivers), Students will have to qualify the minimum cut-off in both the papers as well as the minimum cut-off in each subject (subject total of both papers).
Note - 2 : The final discretion of awarding Fee waivers for FIITJEE programs & Hostel (Boarding & Lodging) in each case, will remain with FIITJEE management and this decision will be final and binding on the candidate.
Note - 3 : Hostel fee concessions (if any) are valid only for FIITJEE’s associate hostels / lodging & boarding facilities (wherever available & for male Students only) made available through FIITJEE, subject to the Student joining that particular hostel and availability of seats. The concession will be given monthly between April, 2020 to May, 2024 for joining Four Year Classroom / Integrated School Program for JEE Advanced, 2024 OR between April, 2020 to May, 2023 for joining Three Year Classroom Program for JEE Advanced, 2023 OR between April, 2020 to May, 2022 for joining Two Year Integrated School / Classroom Program for JEE Advanced, 2022 OR between April, 2020 to May, 2021 for joining One Year Classroom Program for JEE Advanced, 2021 and only for the duration of Integrated School / Classroom program. The Hostel Fee concessions (if any) are valid for the above mentioned programs only. The hostel fee concessions (if any) will be paid directly to the hostel owner by FIITJEE. Hostel fee concessions (if any) is for accommodation only. Food, transportation & other self expenses are to be borne by the Students. To avail this concession, Students must have Optimum Performance in Phase Tests & National Level Tests and a minimum of 90% monthly attendance in their respective Classes at FIITJEE. Hostel facility is available at select FIITJEE Centres only.
Note - 4 : FIITJEE Students studying in Class IX & XI and already enrolled in Classroom / Integrated School Program can appear in Big Bang Edge Test - II to find out their current level of preparation and their projected Rank in JEE Main & Advanced / Other Competitive Entrance Examinations. We are already committed to these Students in giving our complete support at any point of their preparation. Big Bang Edge Test - II is only for giving the feedback to their preparation and no Scholarships (fee waivers) will be awarded to such Students. However, FIITJEE Students will be entitled for rewards as per their actual performance in JEE Advanced, JEE Main, Olympiads, KVPY, XII Board, NTSE & Jr. Olympiad.
Note - 5 : Students presently in Class X and enrolled (with an exit option after Class X) at FIITJEE in Four Year / Three Year Classroom Program can enroll in (if selected) PINNACLE - Two Year Integrated School Program / Two Year Classroom Program for JEE Advanced, 2022 through this test. However, they will not be entitled for any scholarships (fee waivers) offered through this test.
Note - 6 : Students presently in Class VIII and enrolled in FIITJEE's UDAYA - School / Classroom Programs can register as a FIITJEE Student and they are entitled for benefits of Big Bang Edge Test - II on selection & joining any one of these programs (a) SUPREME - Four Year Integrated School Program for JEE Advanced, 2024 ; (b) Four Year Classroom Program for JEE Advanced, 2024.
Note - 7 : FIITJEE Rankers Study Material (RSM), All India Test Series (AITS) & Jr. Rankers Study Material (JRSM) Students joining a FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Program will be entitled for Fee waivers offered through this Exam. The course fee already paid for the current Program will be adjusted and it will be based on the amount of services of RSM/ AITS/ JRSM given to the student at the time of enrollment in a Classroom Program.
Note - 8 (a) : The registered office of FIITJEE is at New Delhi. All disputes and differences of any nature whatsoever shall be referred to the Sole Arbitrator appointed by the Management of FIITJEE Ltd. The Arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and Statutory modification thereof and rules made thereunder. The award of the Arbitrator shall be final & binding. It is further agreed that in spite of the fact that the Sole Arbitrator may be known to any of the Directors or shareholders or may have been appointed as an arbitrator earlier by the company shall not disqualify him. Even if the Arbitrator may have expressed an opinion in a similar matter earlier shall also not render him disqualified. The seat of the Arbitration will be New Delhi / Delhi.
Note - 8(b) : Subject to Note 8 (a) hereinabove, the exclusive Jurisdiction in the matter shall vest in New Delhi / Delhi Courts only.
General Terms & Conditions
Note - 1 : If a Student appears in FIITJEE admission test (including Big Bang Edge Test) for the second time, Scholarship (fee waivers) if awarded, in the latter test will be scaled down by one slab so that he / she does not have any undue advantage over a fresh Student appearing for the first time.
Note - 2 : FIITJEE reserves the right to change / cancel any program, eligibility criterion, and course fee without prior notice.
Note - 3 : If a Student scores zero or negative marks in any subject of any paper, then Scholarship (fee waivers) awarded will be scaled down by one slab.